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$597.00 or $149.25 / month for 4 months

We want to give you the secrets the trading gurus don’t want you to see and show you the trading edge they keep to themselves! Education shouldn’t break the bank. It should be affordable for all. Our goal has always been to help regular people understand how the market works.

This exclusive membership is for serious traders looking to take their trading to the Next Level. Our Next Level Library takes what you learn in our trade room and courses and teaches how to Apply Your Trading Style in the real world. With a small one-time investment, you can access our private and top-of-the-line educational content ($5,000 Value).

Your membership includes trade rooms, Discord, live streams, watch lists, scanners, Discord bots and tools, and live stream replays.

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What Your One-Time Payment Gets You:

Top of the Line Courses:

  • Intermediate Courses: Delve deep into our intermediate trading courses ($3,000 value)
  • Next Level Library: Elevate your trading with advanced strategies and insights ($5,000 value)

Membership Includes:

  • Receive our candlesticks e-book and custom wallpaper backgrounds
  • Access to our trading courses ($3,000 value)
  • A team of support that is ready to help with any of your questions
  • Daily watch lists
  • Access to our trade rooms
  • Daily live streams
  • Live analysis & screen share mentoring daily in our trade rooms
  • Access to our trading Discord *Daily live stream replays
  • Tradytics and Quant Data bots and scanners
  • Bullish Bears custom Trade Ideas scanner settings
  • ThinkorSwim day trade and swing trade custom scanners
  • Access to “Next Level Training” video library ($5,000 value)

Bonus Content in Our Next Level Library:

  • Bullish Bears custom day trading, swing trading, and options scanners
  • Recorded library of live trades for options, penny stocks, and futures
  • How to trade the most popular candlestick patterns with entries and exits
  • How to implement the most popular options strategies in the real world
  • Best strike prices to buy for the major options strategies
  • Scanning for unusual options activity and implementing the right strategy
  • Ride the 9 penny stocks strategy that can be used on any timeframe
  • Secrets of using microsecond charts for day trading penny stocks
  • Futures: Wolfe wave targets, supply and demand zones, and micro breakouts
  • And so much more…