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Trade Ideas software helps traders find the best setups in the market right now. Looking to test the waters with Trade Ideas? Ready to harness the power of AI, or better manage your clients money at a professional level? Trade Ideas has you covered with different packages for everyone.


Spot the breakout

Don’t Settle for Ordinary Trading Software. See how TrendSpider technical analysis software can help you make smarter, more efficient trading decisions. We use TrendSpider daily in our trading! Bullish Bears Members get a 21-day trial instead of 7 days + 30% off any TrendSpider plan. Use the code BB_T21_D30


FlowTrade – Get a free Bullish Bears Membership

Real time algo flow and block trades

The algorithm built by market makers that’s finally available to retail traders. The only system available that tracks market markers to see if they are buying or selling, despite the price action. Get darkpool data, block trades. Track dark pool algo’s and normal algos and buy or sell when they do. We show you how to use FlowTrade on our live stream.

TTM Squeeze

Catch the next jump before it happens…

John Carter’s breakthrough Squeeze Pro anticipates ‘heads up’ signals that give investors a market-defying edge to target bigger, high-probability trade wins. Get a discount on all the Simpler Trading Indicators like the TTM squeeze, RAF, Multi-squeeze pro, voodoo lines, and more! We teach you how to use the TTM Squeeze on our live stream.

TTM Squeeze
Quant Data

Quant Data

Institutional-Grade Options Market Data

Discover what Smart Money is trading with our real-time options order flow, news, and alerts. Get a 40% discount for 3 months, then only pay $74.99 / month (normally $99) No commitments. Cancel at any time. We show you how to use Quant Data on our live stream.


The New Face of Financial Research

Get the inside access traders are using to profit more and win bigger. Original content from the Benzinga Pro news desk provides actionable information before the market moves.

TradeStation Discount


Up To a 100% Rebate On Your Bullish Bears Membership

No matter which markets you trade – stocks, options or futures – TradeStation gives you the cutting-edge trading tools, education, and support you need and can never outgrow.


Improve Your Data-Driven Investment Decisions

Social sentiment data has been available exclusively to hedge funds, quant funds, and banks for almost a decade. ChatterQuant aims to provide real-time data and speeds that match even the most powerful of hedge-fund tools.

Options Omega

Options Omega – 50% Off

Options Backtesting: Where Simplicity and Accuracy Meet

Option Omega provides precision historical backtesting of options with 1 minute market intervals.